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Western Hemisphere Studies

Added October 01, 2003
Type: Monograph
Building Regional Security Cooperation in the Western Hemisphere: Issues and Recommendations. Authored by Dr. Max G. Manwaring, COL Wendy Fontela, Dr. Mary Grizzard, Mr. Dennis M. Rempe.
Dr. Max Manwaring and his team of conference rapporteurs have generated a substantive set of issues and recommendations. They have provided a viable means by which to begin the implementation of serious hemispheric security cooperation. This report comes at a critical juncture, a time of promise for greater economic integration between the United States and Latin America.
Added September 01, 2003
Type: Student (Carlisle) Papers
The U.S. and Canadian Army Strategies: Failures in Understanding. Authored by COL Stephen Brent Appleton.
The author examines the formal strategies of the U.S. and Canadian Armies within the context of present organizational thinking. He argues that both armies' inclination to internalize business concepts and strategies has left them in a precarious position with regard to strategy formulation and direction--one which could jeopardize the relevancy of their land forces.
Added July 01, 2003
Type: Monograph
Perspectives from Argentina, Brazil, and Colombia: Hemispheric Security. Authored by Ambassador Pedro Villagra Delgado, Dr. Luiz Bitencourt, Major General Henry Medina Uribe.
There is a lack of a common view regarding precisely "What is a threat?" and "What is security?" which is the heart of the stability problem in Latin America. These authors acknowledge that the traditional definition of security and threat is no longer completely valid.
Added May 01, 2003
Type: Monograph
The United States and Colombia: The Journey from Ambiguity to Strategic Clarity. Authored by Dr. Gabriel Marcella.
Paper identifies the strategic challenge to Colombia within the context of the weak state and ungoverned space, under attack from the violence and corruption generated bi international criminals, terrorists, and paramilitarism. Lessons learned will have powerful effects for the adaptation of American strategy to the conflict paradigm of 21st century.
Added March 01, 2003
Type: Monograph
Mapping Colombia: The Correlation between Land Data and Strategy. Authored by Dr. Geoffrey Demarest.
The mapping of Colombian national territory, however, is fundamental to the problem of control of national territory. As a threshold matter, policy, strategy, and military asset management in contemporary conflict in virtually any unstable part of the world must deal with the problem of governance in "lawless areas."
Added March 01, 2003
Type: Monograph
Strategic Effects of Conflict with Iraq: Latin America. Authored by Dr. Max G. Manwaring.
The author has been asked to analyze four issues: the position that key states in their region are taking on U.S. military action against Iraq; the role of America in the region after the war with Iraq; the nature of security partnerships in the region after the war with Iraq; and the effect that war with Iraq will have on the war on terrorism in the region.