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Added August 01, 1997
Type: Book
The Challenge of Haiti's Future: Report on the Conference Sponsored by U.S. Army War College, Georgetown University, and the Inter-American Dialogue. Authored by Dr. Max G. Manwaring, Dr. Donald E. Schulz, Robert Maguire, Dr. Peter Hakim, Dr. Abigail Horn.
This Special Report contains an account of a conference on "The Challenge of Haiti's Future," sponsored by the U.S. Army War College, Georgetown University, and the Inter-American Dialogue, and held on February 10-11, 1997, on Capitol Hill, Washington, DC.
Added August 01, 1997
Type: Book
Strategic Planning and the Drug Threat. Authored by COL (RET) William W. Mendel, COL (RET) Murl D. Munger.
The primary purpose of this publication is to show how the principles and techniques of strategic and operational planning can be applied to the supply reduction side of our national effort to curb the trafficking of illicit drugs. An earlier version was published in 1991 which introduced campaign planning methodology as a means to help bridge the gap existing between the policy and strategy.
Added June 01, 1997
Type: Book
Between a Rock and a Hard Place: The United States, Mexico, and the Agony of National Security. Authored by Dr. Donald E. Schulz.
Because of NAFTA and increasing interdependence, this paper redefines U.S.-Mexican security relations in non-traditional terms. Offers practical suggestions so that U.S leaders to respond effectively to the emerging relationship.
Added January 01, 1997
Type: Monograph
Haiti Update. Authored by Dr. Donald E. Schulz.
Captures the emerging situation in Haiti after the humanitarian intervention of the United States and the United Nations since 1994. Speculates about the difficult prospects for democracy within Haiti's destructive climate of violence and counter-violence.
Added January 01, 1997
Type: Book
World View: The 1997 Strategic Assessment from the Strategic Studies Institute. Edited by Dr. Earl H. Tilford, Jr..
In December of each year the analysts at the Strategic Studies Institute (SSI) look to the year ahead to assess the strategic equation for their particular areas of interest. This is part of an effort to focus our priorities both corporately as well as individually.