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International Studies

Added May 30, 2007
Type: Colloquium Brief
Roots of Terror. Authored by Ms. Corinna Johnson.
The conference speakers’ goals were to examine (1) recruitment and support strategies used by terrorist organizations, (2) the environments that enable terrorism, and (3) implications for the future of counterterrorism.
Added March 29, 2007
Type: Monograph
The Politics of Identity: History, Nationalism, and the Prospect for Peace in Post-Cold War East Asia. Authored by Dr. Sheila Miyoshi Jager.
The clash between the rise of increasingly divergent nationalisms in post-Cold War East Asia represent new challenges for U.S. policy there. How might the United States respond to the history disputes and rising nationalisms in the region to promote stability and peace?
Added March 15, 2007
Type: Monograph
Globalization and Its Implications for the Defense Industrial Base. Authored by Dr. Terrence R. Guay.
One of the most important implications of globalization is its effect on the economic competitiveness of countries and particular industries. Both governments and defense companies bear the responsibility for devising prudent policies and strategies that capture the opportunities presented by globalization, while mitigating the risks.
Added February 09, 2007
Type: Monograph
The New Totalitarians: Social Identities and Radical islamist Political Grand Strategy. Authored by Dr. Douglas J. Macdonald.
While controversial, the “clash of civilizations” thesis has had a large influence in the debate over the causes of, and possible remedies for, the spread of terrorist activity.
Added February 05, 2007
Type: Book
A Nation at War. Authored by Professor John R. Martin.
One of the basics of strategy is understanding the foe and the type of war in which a nation is involved. The Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) does not fit easily into the mold of war, but that is because of too much comparison with conventional wars; the Cold War may provide a better model. This report chronicles the panels and resulting papers from the Seventeenth Annual U.S. Army War College Strategy Conference, held at Carlisle Barracks, PA, in April 2006.
Added January 16, 2007
Type: Letort Papers
Iraq, Women's Empowerment and Public Policy. Authored by Dr. Sherifa D. Zuhur.
The role and experience of women is not always considered in wartime or during stabilization and reconstruction operations. The author examines some of the difficulties that attend policy formulation on women in Iraq.