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China and Strategic Culture... Cover Image
Added May 01, 2002
China and Strategic Culture. Authored by Dr. Andrew Scobell.
The author examines the impact of strategic culture on 21st century China. He contends that the People's Republic of China's security policies and its tendency to use military force are influenced by their understandings of the strategic cultures of other states. Gaining a fuller appreciation for how Chinese strategists view the U.S. and Japan will better enable us to assess regional and global security issues.
China's Military Potential... Cover Image
Added October 01, 1998
China's Military Potential. Authored by Dr. Larry M. Wortzel.
This monograph provides an appraisal of the ability of the People's Republic of China (PRC) to build a credible military force in the 21st century. Colonel Wortzel concludes that China could become a military power in every sense, but the greater likelihood is that the PRC will be overcome by internal problems. Nonetheless, the growth in China's military potential bears careful watching.
What's with the Relationship between America's Arm... Cover Image
Added September 01, 1996
What's with the Relationship between America's Army and China's PLA? Authored by Colonel Jer Donald Get.
There are some who question the value of renewing military ties with the People's Republic of China (PRC) based on the limited gains accrued to the U.S. Army from the earlier relationship. In this essay, U.S. Army Colonel Jer Donald Get argues that this is a short-sighted attitude. Our Army and the PLA must take a measured approach, setting pragmatic objectives.
China's Quest for Security in the Post-Cold War Wo... Cover Image
Added July 01, 1996
China's Quest for Security in the Post-Cold War World. Authored by Dr. Samuel S. Kim.
What the world sees in China, a modernizing, economically robust, and assertive regional hegemon and world power "want-to-be," is, Dr. Kim asserts, at least in part a facade. Although China has made remarkable economic progress in the past few years, those who trumpet its rise do not consider its massive internal contradictions involving social, political, demographic, and environmental problems.