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Publications Tagged: misperception

Crisis Deterrence in the Taiwan Strait... Cover Image
Added November 01, 2003
Crisis Deterrence in the Taiwan Strait. Authored by Chaplain (Colonel) Douglas McCready.
Chinese leaders believe that, by using asymmetrical means, they will be able to overcome the military advantage of the United States and Taiwan. Deterrence, as used against the Soviet Union during the Cold War, will not be effective with China without significant modification. The cultural divide affects not only deterrence theory, but also how China and the United States understand and communicate.
New Century, Old Thinking: The Dangers of the Perc... Cover Image
Added April 01, 1998
New Century, Old Thinking: The Dangers of the Perceptual Gap in U.S.-China Relations. Authored by Colonel Susan M. Puska.
The author provides an examination of the reciprocal relations between China and the United States over the past century and a half. If this past is prologue, then potential conflict looms darkly over future U.S.-China interactions. The first step toward precluding conflict, according to the author, is to understand the nature of the past relationship.