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Publications Tagged: information age

The Technological Fix: Weapons and the Cost of War... Cover Image
Added June 01, 1995
The Technological Fix: Weapons and the Cost of War. Authored by Dr. Alex Roland.
Indirectly, any military institute operates within its technology context. The Army of today is, for instance, in a period of technological transition from an Industrial Age army to an Information Age army. A tremendous faith in technology is an abiding American characteristic.
The Army in the Information Age... Cover Image
Added March 01, 1995
The Army in the Information Age. Authored by General Gordon R. Sullivan, Lieutenant Colonel Anthony M. Coroalles.
They provide insights into three critical areas: the operational environment; the emergence of simultaneity as a unifying concept in Information Age warfare; and, changes that must take place in the planning environment. The authors suggest that the challenge today is to determine what array of capabilities may be needed to perform a broader range of requirements.