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Agile Leaders, Agile Institutions: Educating Adapt... Cover Image
Added August 01, 2005
Agile Leaders, Agile Institutions: Educating Adaptive and Innovative Leaders for Today and Tomorrow. Authored by LTC Christopher P Gehler.
This paper examines the new strategic reality and its implications on our officers' professional military education, as well as the concepts of individual and organizational agility, specifically investigating adaptability, innovation, and learning. The author recommends a model to develop agile leaders, while making the institutional system more agile as well.
Educating International Security Practitioners: Pr... Cover Image
Added July 01, 2001
Educating International Security Practitioners: Preparing to Face the Demands of the 21st Century International Security Environment. Authored by Dr. Robert H. Dorff, Brigadier General Daniel J. Kaufman, Dr. James M. Smith, Dr. Linda P. Brady.
The authors examine the challenges of the 21st century international security environment to which future strategic leaders and policy practitioners will need to respond.
Future Leadership, Old Issues, New Methods... Cover Image
Added March 01, 2000
Future Leadership, Old Issues, New Methods. Edited by Dr. Douglas V. Johnson, II.
Each year, the Army After Next Seminar students are asked to orient their Strategy Research Papers on topics appropriate to the programs 30-years in the future focus. Thirty years ago, the United States Army was deeply involved in Vietnam and in the Cold War.
Making Do with Less, or Coping with Upton's Ghost... Cover Image
Added May 01, 1995
Making Do with Less, or Coping with Upton's Ghost. Authored by Dr. Eliot A. Cohen.
Each April the Strategic Studies Institute hosts a conference that addresses key strategic issues facing the Armed Forces and the Nation. This year's theme, "Strategy During the Lean Years: Learning from the Past and the Present," brought together scholars, serving and retired military officers, and civilian defense officials from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom to discuss strategy formulation in times of penury from Tacitus to Force XXI.