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Publications Tagged: cuba

Security Requirements for Post-Transition Cuba... Cover Image
Added July 30, 2007
Security Requirements for Post-Transition Cuba. Authored by Dr. Alex Crowther.
Whither Cuba's military?
Where Does Cuba Stand?... Cover Image
Added January 01, 1994
Where Does Cuba Stand? Authored by Prof. Enrique A. Baloyra.
In this report, the distinguished Latin American scholar Enrique Baloyra argues that Castro's current policy of "re-equilibration" is unlikely to succeed and that his options will increasingly boil down to two choices: One, he can deepen the process of government-led reform, or, two, he can continue the current policy, with growing chances of violence and turmoil. Baloyra suggests that since the former might jeopardize his hegemonic position, the latter is the more probable option. The future, in short, is likely to be grim.