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U.S. National Security Implications of Chinese Inv... Cover Image
Added June 01, 2005
U.S. National Security Implications of Chinese Involvement in Latin America. Authored by Dr. R. Evan Ellis.
The underlying demographic and economic trends driving China's engagement with Latin America are significant and enduring—indicating that China's increased presence in the Western Hemisphere is likely to both endure and expand. This paper explores these trends, their manifestations, and some of the dynamics through which they may impact the national security of the United States.
Pacific Security Today: Overcoming the Hurdles... Cover Image
Added March 01, 1999
Pacific Security Today: Overcoming the Hurdles. Authored by Mr. Thomas M. Molino.
The conference sought to focus on Asia-Pacific security issues by opening a dialogue among government policymakers, scholars, and military leaders. The Asia-Pacific region is endowed with a wide variety of unique cultures, diverse languages, multifaceted religions, and complex political systems.
China's Military Potential... Cover Image
Added October 01, 1998
China's Military Potential. Authored by Dr. Larry M. Wortzel.
This monograph provides an appraisal of the ability of the People's Republic of China (PRC) to build a credible military force in the 21st century. Colonel Wortzel concludes that China could become a military power in every sense, but the greater likelihood is that the PRC will be overcome by internal problems. Nonetheless, the growth in China's military potential bears careful watching.
New Century, Old Thinking: The Dangers of the Perc... Cover Image
Added April 01, 1998
New Century, Old Thinking: The Dangers of the Perceptual Gap in U.S.-China Relations. Authored by Colonel Susan M. Puska.
The author provides an examination of the reciprocal relations between China and the United States over the past century and a half. If this past is prologue, then potential conflict looms darkly over future U.S.-China interactions. The first step toward precluding conflict, according to the author, is to understand the nature of the past relationship.
"Enhancing" the Australian-U.S. Defense ... Cover Image
Added November 01, 1997
"Enhancing" the Australian-U.S. Defense Relationship: A Guide to U.S. Policy. Authored by Dr. Thomas-Durell Young.
U.S. security relationships in the Pacific have enjoyed remarkable continuity since the end of the Cold War. Among the closest of U.S. allies, Australia shares a number of concerns about potential change in the western Pacific balance. It is thus natural that the two countries look to their own cooperative defense relationship for hedges against an uncertain future.
Traditional Military Thinking and the Defensive St... Cover Image
Added August 01, 1997
Traditional Military Thinking and the Defensive Strategy of China. Authored by Lieutenant General Li Jijun. Edited by Dr. Earl H. Tilford, Jr..
On July 15, 1997, the U.S. Army War College hosted a delegation from the Chinese Academy of Military Science. A speech was delivered to the U.S. Army War College Corresponding Studies Class of 1997 by the Chinese delegation's leader, Lieutenant General Li Jijun. General Li graciously agreed to the publication of his address.