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Publications Tagged: asia-pacific

China-ASEAN Relations: Perspectives, Prospects, an... Cover Image
Added October 26, 2006
China-ASEAN Relations: Perspectives, Prospects, and Implications for U.S. Interests. Authored by Dr. Jing-dong Yuan.
What explains China's successful diplomatic offensive and what implications do closer China-ASEAN ties have for the United States?
Kim Jong Il and North Korea: The Leader and the Sy... Cover Image
Added March 01, 2006
Kim Jong Il and North Korea: The Leader and the System. Authored by Dr. Andrew Scobell.
North Korea is both a paradox and an enigma because on one hand, it appears to be a very powerful state—possessing the world's fourth largest armed forces, a sizeable arsenal of ballistic missiles, and a worrying nuclear program—but on the other, it is an economic basket case in terms of agricultural output, industrial production, and foreign trade exports.
Multilateral Constraints on the Use of Force: A Re... Cover Image
Added March 01, 2006
Multilateral Constraints on the Use of Force: A Reassessment. Authored by Dr. Seyom Brown.
Although much of the controversy over the extent to which U.S. security policy ought to be constrained by multilateralism revolves around the role of the UN, the focus of this monograph is on the future of NATO.
Chinese National Security: Decisionmaking Under St... Cover Image
Added October 01, 2005
Chinese National Security: Decisionmaking Under Stress. Edited by Dr. Andrew Scobell, Dr. Larry M. Wortzel.
If there is one constant in expert analyses of the history of modern China, it is the characterization of a country perpetually in the throes of crises. While China at the mid-point of the Twenty-first Century's first decade is arguably the most secure and stable it has been in more than a century, crises continue to emerge with apparent frequency. Consequently, the study of China's behavior in conditions of tension and stress is of considerable importance to policy makers and analysts around the world.
North Korea's Strategic Intentions... Cover Image
Added July 01, 2005
North Korea's Strategic Intentions. Authored by Dr. Andrew Scobell.
North Korea poses a key challenge to the global community of states. Sometimes viewed as primarily a nuclear or proliferation challenge, Pyongyang actually presents the United States and other countries with multiple problems. As the 2005 National Defense Strategy of the United States notes, these challenges include "traditional, irregular, and catastrophic." While each dimension of these threat capabilities are fairly clear and, with the exception of the third, readily documented, North Korea's intentions are a much more controversial subject upon which specialists reach widely disparate conclusions.
The Future U.S. Military Presence in Asia: Landpow... Cover Image
Added April 01, 1999
The Future U.S. Military Presence in Asia: Landpower and the Geostrategy of American Commitment. Authored by Dr. Larry M. Wortzel, Major General Robert H. Scales.
The United States strategic framework in the Pacific has three parts: peacetime engagement, which includes a forward presence; crisis response, which builds on forward-stationed forces, the "boots-on-the ground" and, if necessary, fighting and winning any conflict that might develop.
"Enhancing" the Australian-U.S. Defense ... Cover Image
Added November 01, 1997
"Enhancing" the Australian-U.S. Defense Relationship: A Guide to U.S. Policy. Authored by Dr. Thomas-Durell Young.
U.S. security relationships in the Pacific have enjoyed remarkable continuity since the end of the Cold War. Among the closest of U.S. allies, Australia shares a number of concerns about potential change in the western Pacific balance. It is thus natural that the two countries look to their own cooperative defense relationship for hedges against an uncertain future.