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Publications Tagged: alliances

Tribal Alliances: Ways, Means, and ends to Success... Cover Image
Added August 01, 2005
Tribal Alliances: Ways, Means, and ends to Successful Strategy. Authored by Mr. Richard L Taylor.
National Security and National Military Strategy to be successful must utilize all elements and tools of power at its disposal. Recognition of the potential value of tribal organizations, particularly in the "arc of instability stretching from the Western Hemisphere, through Africa and the Middle East and extending to Asia" is a must to enhance successful peace and stability operations.
The Future of the Australian-U.S. Security Relatio... Cover Image
Added December 01, 2003
The Future of the Australian-U.S. Security Relationship. Authored by Dr. Rod Lyon, Prof. William T. Tow.
The authors assess the future of the Australian-U.S. security relationship within the context of the Canberra's transformation and strategic shift. They conclude that this relationship will remain important and will be strengthened in some ways, but they consider the building of large-scale American military bases in Australia unlikely. The challenge, they note, will be sustaining political support.
South Asia in 2020: Future Strategic Balances and ... Cover Image
Added November 01, 2002
South Asia in 2020: Future Strategic Balances and Alliances. Edited by Dr. Michael R. Chambers.
While there are numerous ways to approach the question of "whither South Asia?" the conference organizers decided to focus on the future of strategic balances and alliances in the region, with 2020 as the target date. This choice of topic allowed the conference participants to talk not only about the patterns of amity and enmity within the region, but also about the role of extraregional powers.