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Publications Tagged: Missile Defense

Britain's Role in U.S. Missile Defense... Cover Image
Added July 01, 2004
Britain's Role in U.S. Missile Defense. Authored by Dr. Jeremy Stocker.
The future shape and effectiveness of U.S. missile defense will depend to some extent on the attitude and participation of America's key ally, Britain. This new monograph traces the history of British attitudes towards missile defense, and examines the UK's current policy on the subject.
ESDP and Missile Defense: European Perspectives fo... Cover Image
Added December 01, 2001
ESDP and Missile Defense: European Perspectives for More Balanced Transatlantic Partnership. Authored by Mr. Martin Aguera.
As the United States responds to a changing global security environment, the U.S. pursuit of missile defense and Europe's construction of European Security and Defense Policy (ESDP) have the potential to complicate U.S.-European security cooperation. However, rather than serving as wedges between the United States and Europe, both of these can help construct a better security relationship.
Theater Missile Defense in Japan: Implications for... Cover Image
Added September 01, 2000
Theater Missile Defense in Japan: Implications for the U.S.-China-Japan Strategic Relationship. Authored by Colonel Patrick M. O'Donogue.
The author highlights the significant and ongoing contribution of the U.S. Army in deterring war, executing smaller-scale contingencies, and shaping the security environment. He advocates a robust, pro- active Army presence for the foreseeable future. Such a presence will ensure the promotion and protection of U.S. national interests in the region.
Counterforce and Theater Missile Defense: Can the ... Cover Image
Added March 01, 1995
Counterforce and Theater Missile Defense: Can the Army Use an ASW Approach to the SCUD Hunt? Authored by Dr. James J. Wirtz.
The Gulf War demonstrated that theater missile defense (TMD) will be an important mission for the U.S. Army and its Patriot defense system in the years ahead. The author suggests that Army planners should view TMD not just as a simple tactical problem, but as an exercise that has important political and strategic ramifications that cut to the core of U.S. efforts to create and maintain international coalitions.