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Publications Tagged: Australia

The Other Special Relationship: The United States ... Cover Image
Added February 27, 2007
The Other Special Relationship: The United States and Australia at the Start of the 21st Century. Edited by Dr. Jeffrey D. McCausland, Dr. Douglas Stuart, Prof. William T. Tow, Professor Michael Wesley.
American and Australian experts discussed issues relating to foreign policy, economics and business, domestic politics and public opinion, and security and defense affairs. This volume reveals their findings.
The Future of the Australian-U.S. Security Relatio... Cover Image
Added December 01, 2003
The Future of the Australian-U.S. Security Relationship. Authored by Dr. Rod Lyon, Prof. William T. Tow.
The authors assess the future of the Australian-U.S. security relationship within the context of the Canberra's transformation and strategic shift. They conclude that this relationship will remain important and will be strengthened in some ways, but they consider the building of large-scale American military bases in Australia unlikely. The challenge, they note, will be sustaining political support.
"Enhancing" the Australian-U.S. Defense ... Cover Image
Added November 01, 1997
"Enhancing" the Australian-U.S. Defense Relationship: A Guide to U.S. Policy. Authored by Dr. Thomas-Durell Young.
U.S. security relationships in the Pacific have enjoyed remarkable continuity since the end of the Cold War. Among the closest of U.S. allies, Australia shares a number of concerns about potential change in the western Pacific balance. It is thus natural that the two countries look to their own cooperative defense relationship for hedges against an uncertain future.