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Publications Tagged: ASEAN

Current and Future Challenges for Asian Nonprolife... Cover Image
Added October 01, 2004
Current and Future Challenges for Asian Nonproliferation Export Controls: A Regional Response. Authored by Dr. Scott A. Jones.
How countries in the Asia region respond to the relentlessly changing nature of the proliferation challenge will affect profoundly the shape of global security for many years to come. In many instances, the countries of the region are major transshipment and assembly points for critical strategic dual-use goods and technologies. This monograph examines the current state of export control system development in the greater Asia region, with particular emphasis on the economic and security environment in which these systems operate.
The ASEAN Regional Forum: Asian Security without a... Cover Image
Added December 01, 1996
The ASEAN Regional Forum: Asian Security without an American Umbrella. Authored by Dr. Larry M. Wortzel.
U.S. Asian policy today is a curious blend of seemingly firm bilateral commitments and occasionally startling ambiguities. if the United States is to maintain regional stability in Asia, Colonel Larry Wortzel, the U.S. Army attaché in Beijing, argues, it must make multilateral dialogues like the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Regional Forum a major tenet of its Asian policy.