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Dr. Shima D. Keene

SHIMA D. KEENE is a British academic and practitioner specializing in defense and security. She is a director of the Conflict Studies Research Centre, Oxford, and a senior fellow at the Institute for Statecraft, London. Dr. Keene is also a deployable civilian expert for the United Kingdom (UK) Government’s Stabilisation Group specializing in security and justice. She is a former senior research fellow and advisor at the Advanced Research and Assessment Group, Defence Academy of the UK, and special advisor to the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD).

Dr. Keene advises and works closely with a number of UK Government departments and law enforcement agencies to include the MoD, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the Home Office, Department for International Development, Her Majesty’s Treasury, and the National Crime Agency (NCA), as well as a number of regional law enforcement agencies. Outside the UK, she works with international organizations to include: the North Atlantic Treaty Organization; the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe; the Council of Europe; as well as U.S. Government departments, military, and law enforcement agencies. Dr. Keene has 27 years of practitioner experience obtained through investment banking, defense intelligence, and academia, and is a former British Army Reservist soldier with 7 years of military service, most of which was spent with 4th Battalion, the Parachute Regiment.

Dr. Keene has published numerous internal and external government and corporate reports, as well as award winning academic journal articles, and is the author of Threat Finance: Disconnecting the Lifeline of Organized Crime and Terrorism and a book chapter in the Research Handbook on International Financial Crime. She is a visiting lecturer at the BPP Law School, London, and the Centre for Development Studies, Cambridge University. Dr. Keene holds a Ph.D. in international criminal law, an M.Phil. in defence and security studies, and graduated with honors in business studies.

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SSI books and monographs by Dr. Shima D. Keene

  • Silent Partners: Organized Crime, Irregular Groups, and Nation-States

    October 23, 2018

    Authored by Dr. Shima D. Keene.
    View the Executive Summary

    This monograph provides an assessment of the threat posed by the partnership between criminal organizations, irregular groups, and nation-states to U.S. national security interests, and recommends ways in which it can be countered by the U.S. Army.

  • Maintaining Information Dominance in Complex Environments

    October 03, 2018

    Authored by Dr. John A. S. Ardis, Dr. Shima D. Keene.
    View the Executive Summary

    The monograph suggests a risk-based approach to developing an advanced information warfare capability for the U.S. Army. It also proposes that complexity and uncertainty in the information environment be exploited rather than considered a barrier. The authors recommend the development of a series of operational architectures and categories, which abandon the conventional single-outcome strategies of current military deception and embrace complex engagements in a connected and dynamic battlespace.

  • Exit Strategy: Rule of Law and the U.S. Army

    September 25, 2018

    Authored by Dr. Shima D. Keene.
    View the Executive Summary

    This monograph highlights the importance of establishing effective and sustainable rule of law institutions and practices in post-conflict states, and describes how the U.S. Army could better achieve that goal as part of its strategy for withdrawal from conflict.

  • Corruption, Legitimacy, and Stability: Implications for the U.S. Army

    June 06, 2017

    Authored by Dr. Shima D. Keene.
    View the Executive Summary

    This Letort Paper provides a comprehensive assessment of the relationship between corruption, legitimacy, and stability in fragile states, and explores what must be done by the U.S. Army to counter these issues that directly impact its operational effectiveness.

  • Lethal and Legal? The Ethics of Drone Strikes

    December 15, 2015

    Authored by Dr. Shima D. Keene.
    View the Executive Summary

    With greatly increased lethal use of unmanned aerial vehicles comes greater scrutiny and controversy. This monograph lays out the ethical and legal landscape in which drone killings take place and makes key recommendations both for ensuring legality and a sound moral basis for operations, but also for ensuring those operations are effective.

  • The Effective Use of Reserve Personnel in the U.S. Military: Lessons from the United Kingdom Reserve Model

    January 02, 2015

    Authored by Dr. Shima D. Keene.
    View the Executive Summary

    Can the U.S. Army and other services benefit from the United Kingdom's program of reserve reform?

  • Operationalizing Counter Threat Finance Strategies

    December 15, 2014

    Authored by Dr. Shima D. Keene.
    View the Executive Summary

    Counter Threat Finance strategies have the potential to be a multifaceted weapon both for the purpose of gathering intelligence and for direct action. This Paper highlights ways in which Counter Threat Finance strategies can be applied not only to effectively disrupt adversary activity, but also to stabilize local economies for the purpose of capturing hearts and minds, as well as to serve in advance as indicators and warnings of impending instability.