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KSIL Frequently Asked Questions

What is the KSIL?

The Key Strategic Issues List (KSIL), developed at the U.S. Army War College by SSI, helps the Army identify and bring together strategic perspectives from an array of viewpoints. SSI develops the draft list and vets it with the rest of the Army War College, the Army Staff, Army Major Commands, Army Component Commands, the Combatant Commands, and the Joint Staff. The Key Strategic Issues portion of the KSIL identifies research topics considered essential to the Army and to the role of landpower in general; many are broad enough to encompass different research approaches, and to allow researchers to modify or expand the issues as appropriate. We mean for the KSIL to be extensive, but not exhaustive. No list could capture every issue of potential concern, particularly given the identified dynamic nature of today's strategic environment.

What is the expanded topic list?

When viewing the KSIL you will notice that the majority of topics are within the "Expanded KSIL". The Expanded KSIL enables researchers to focus on the concerns of, or to benefit from the perspectives of, individual KSIL sponsors.

Are the KSIL points of contact available for everyone?

The SSI points of contact herein maintain general oversight of their topic areas, and thus can recommend individual sponsors or subject matter experts. They may be available to guide you with resource suggestions. They are not available to assist the public with research, nor are they available to edit papers and projects.

What kinds of responses to topics are in the KSIL system?

Under each topic you will see a list of official SSI publications and student research projects. Not all topics have received a response..

How often is the KSIL Updated?

From May through Summer, SSI works the various topic recommendations and comments into the final document, either for inclusion in the general topic areas or as part of agency-specific concerns found in the Expanded KSIL. The list is released by September of each year.

The latest KSIL, for the 2008-2009 academic year can be downloaded here.