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Upcoming Publications

Publications are not listed in order of their arrival.

2012-13 KSIL Update No. 01

Gold, Blood, and Power: Finance and War Through the Ages

A Hard Look at Hard Power: Assessing the Defense Capabilities of Key U.S. Allies and Security Partners

Iraq’s Shia Warlords and Their Militias: Political and Security Challenges and Options

The Strategic Lessons Unlearned of Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan: Why the ANSF Will Not Hold, and the Implications for the U.S. Army in Afghanistan

The Strategic Importance of the Global Oil Market

The New Russian Engagement with Latin America: Strategic Position, Commerce, and Dreams of the Past

The Chinese People's Liberation army in 2025

Russian Ballistic Missile Defense: Rhetoric and Reality
Keir Giles

Duffer’s Shoal: A Strategic Dream of the U.S. Pacific Command Area of Responsibility

Paid to Perform: Aligning Total Military Compensation with Talent Management, Vol. 8

The Future Security Environment: Why the U.S. Army Must Differentiate and Grow Millennial Officer Talent

China’s Rise and Reconfiguration of Central Asia’s Geopolitics: A Case for U.S. 'Piviot' to Eurasia