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Strategic Studies Institute

United States Army War College

The Source for National Security

Research & Analysis

Winter 2013-14, Vol. 43 No. 4


Special Commentary

       What the QDR Ought to Say about Landpower
        by Francis G. Hoffman

American Power in Transition

       The True Tragedy of American Power
        by Isaiah Wilson

       Redirecting US Diplomacy
        by James E. Goodby and Ken Weisbrode

       Rebalancing US Military Power
        by Anna Simons

Fighting Irregular Fighters

       Is the Law of Armed Conflict Outdated?
        by Sibylle Scheipers

       Defeating Violent Nonstate Actors
        by Robert J. Bunker

       Confronting Africa's Sobels
        by Robert L. Feldman and Michel Ben Arrous

Conflict by Other Means

       Waging Financial War
        by David J. Katz

       The Coming Financial Wars
        by Juan Zarate

       Economic Statecraft: China in Africa
        by Douglas W. Winton

Preparing for Netwars

       Repurposing Cyber Command
        by Frank J. Cilluffo and Joseph R. Clark

Of Note

       A War Examined: Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2003
        by Kevin C. Benson



From the Editor

Commentaries and Replies

Book Reviews

  • Armed Nonstate Groups
  • Policy, Terror, & Espionage
  • Strategic Leadership in Wartimes
  • New Perspectives on Vietnam
  • Revisiting the Great War

Article Index, Vol. 43, 2013

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Index of Commentaries & Replies in Parameters


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