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Military Strategy and Policy Studies

Added December 19, 2011
Type: Book
The United States and China in Power Transition. Authored by Dr. David Lai.
Historically, systematic power transitions were settled in war. Can China and the United States avoid a deadly contest and spare the world another catastrophe? What can we expect from China and the United States with respect to the future of international relations?
Added December 01, 2011
Type: Monograph
The Strategic Logic of the Contemporary Security Dilemma. Authored by Dr. Max G. Manwaring.
This monograph is part of a continuing effort to inform the contemporary transnational security debate, move it to the strategic level, and support the best interests of the United States Government and peoples, and also those of the Western Hemisphere and the rest of the world.
Added August 31, 2011
Type: Book
National Security Reform 2010: A Midterm Assessment. Edited by Dr. Joseph R. Cerami, Dr. Robert H. Dorff, Mr. Matthew Harber.
This book includes a summary report of three panels, along with selected papers, from an April 22, 2010, colloquium in Washington, DC, on “2010: Preparing for a Mid-Term Assessment of Leadership and National Security Reform in the Obama Administration.”
Added July 13, 2011
Type: Monograph
Russia in the Arctic. Edited by Dr. Stephen J. Blank.
The Arctic is the newest sphere of international competition for energy and security access. It pits Russia against the other Arctic states. These essays fully explore and analyze what is at stake here and what Moscow has done to increase its capability and influence in the Arctic.
Added April 08, 2011
Type: Monograph
Hard Power and Soft Power: The Utility of Military Force as an Instrument of Policy in the 21st Century. Authored by Dr. Colin S. Gray.
The concepts of "hard" and "soft" power are subjected to close critical scrutiny. The author finds the latter is significantly misunderstood and therefore inappropriately assessed as a substitute for the former, the threat or the use of military force.
Added April 06, 2011
Type: Colloquium Brief
A Colloquium on U.S. National Security Policy, Military Strategy: Understanding the Environment for Contemporary Warfare. Authored by Dr. Steve Maxner, Dr. Dennis Patterson, Mr. Dave Lewis.
No problem facing the United States is more important than national security, and no institution is more involved and more affected by this problem than the U.S. military, the U.S. Army in particular. The purpose of this collaboration is to begin a dialogue that can help bridge the gap between two worlds, one where senior U.S. military officers are educated and the other where scholars work on problems that relate to the causes and conduct of war.
Added February 11, 2011
Type: Student (Carlisle) Papers
The Role of Religion in National Security Policy Since 9/11. Authored by Chaplain (COL) Jonathan E Shaw.
Is it possible to wage war against radical Muslim terrorists if your national security policy does not consider religion as power which motivates terrorist behavior? Yes, but you risk being ineffective or inefficient, or both.
Added January 31, 2011
Type: Monograph
2010 SSI Annual Strategy Conference Report "Defining War for the 21st Century". Authored by Dr. Steven Metz, COL Phillip R. Cuccia.
SSI's XXI Strategic Conference convened many of the world's top experts to assess and debate the definition of war and the strategic implications of how it is defined.