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Military Strategy and Policy Studies

Added November 01, 1999
Type: Monograph
Land Power and Dual Containment: Rethinking America's Policy in the Gulf. Authored by Dr. Stephen C. Pelletiere.
In an attempt to regain some control of the strategic commodity, Washington developed special relationships with the two foremost oil procedures, Iran (under the Shah) and Saudi Arabia. Dual Containment, promulgated in 1993, was supposed to constrain the two most powerful area states, Iran and Iraq, by imposing harsh economic sanctions on them. But, the author contends, the policy has only antagonized America's allies.
Added March 01, 1999
Type: Monograph
Colombia's Three Wars: U.S. Strategy at the Crossroads. Authored by Dr. Gabriel Marcella, Dr. Donald E. Schulz.
U.S. policy is at a critical juncture. Can a strategy based on counter-narcotics be enough and even be separated from counter-insurgency? Authors argue no, that a more robust and comprehensive level of support is necessary, given the gravity of Colombia's problems.