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Added October 01, 1994
Type: Book
The Impact of the Media on National Security Policy Decision Making. Authored by Dr. Douglas V. Johnson, II.
What is the impact of the media upon national security policy decision making? Do network news personalities exert genuine power over the national command authority? Does the photograph of a mob dragging the body of a dead American soldier through the streets drive policy decisions? If the answers to these questions are "Yes," then the claim made by William Randolph Hearst is correct, and national policy is at the mercy of the media.
Added May 01, 1994
Type: Book
America in the Third World: Strategic Alternatives and Military Implications. Authored by Dr. Steven Metz.
The author examines the problems of the Third World and the debates that exist regarding the most effective U.S. response to these problems. He has concluded that the Third World is undergoing such significant change that most of the basic assumptions undergirding past and current U.S. policy are no longer viable. He urges a fundamental and radical revision of our national strategy toward the Third World, and recommends a future strategy that would see far more selective and discrete involvement in these staggering problems.
Added May 01, 1994
Type: Monograph
The Owl of Minerva Flies at Twilight: Doctrinal Change and Continuity and the Revolution in Military Affairs. Authored by Dr. David Jablonsky.
Revolutions in military affairs have never been strictly military phenomena. Social and political transformations in the past have also been major and often catalytic ingredients of such revolutions.
Added May 01, 1994
Type: Monograph
National Interest: From Abstraction to Strategy. Authored by Dr. Michael G. Roskin.
The "national interest" is a composite declaration derived from those values that a nation prizes most-liberty, freedom, and security. Interests are usually expressed in terms of physical survival, economic prosperity, and political sovereignty. As an object of political debate, the concept of national interest serves to propose, justify, or denounce policies.
Added April 01, 1994
Type: Monograph
Environmental Security: A DoD Partnership for Peace. Edited by Dr. Kent Hughes Butts.
International environmental issues can lead to instability and conflict that threaten U.S. security interests and may result in the commitment of U.S. forces. Chronic, unresolved environmental issues threaten stability in such critical regions as the former Soviet Union, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East. Recognizing this, the Department of Defense (DOD) has committed itself to using DOD assets to mitigate environmental issues that could lead to instability.