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Military Leadership Studies

Added December 01, 1993
Type: Monograph
The Military-News Media Relationship: Thinking Forward. Authored by COL Charles W. Ricks, Dr. Rod Lyon, Prof. William T. Tow.
Given the volatile, unstable, and ambiguous environment in which armed forces can find themselves, the actions of field forces have a greater chance than ever before of affecting subsequent strategic decisions made at higher levels. The pressure on field commanders to "get it right the first time" is demonstrably greater than ever.
Added December 01, 1993
Type: Book
The Future of Insurgency. Authored by Dr. Steven Metz.
Security professionals and strategists are discovering the post-cold war world is as rife with persistent, low-level violence as its predecessors. In fact, many regions are experiencing a rise in the amount of conflict in the absence of restraints previously imposed by the superpowers.
Added February 01, 1993
Type: Book
General George C. Marshall: Strategic Leadership and the Challenges of Reconstituting the Army, 1939-41. Authored by COL John T Nelson, II.
The study of strategic leadership as a formal, analytical concept is relatively new. Therefore, concrete, historical examples of leaders who have wrestled with the width and breadth of strategic-level challenges are of inestimable value.