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Military Change & Transformation Studies

Added November 16, 2009
Type: Monograph
YouTube War: Fighting in a World of Cameras in Every Cell Phone and Photoshop on Every Computer. Authored by Dr. Cori E. Dauber.
Terrorist attacks are media events designed to draw the attention of the press since, without a larger audience, a terrorist attack will have accomplished very little. Shaping the attitudes and perceptions of the public can undermine the public will to fight. This is done by shaping media coverage.
Added November 03, 2009
Type: Letort Papers
India's Strategic Defense Transformation: Expanding Global Relationships. Authored by Lieutenant Colonel Brian K. Hedrick.
India’s defense establishment is undergoing an unprecedented transformation as it seeks to (1) modernize its military, (2) obtain “strategic partnerships” with the United States and other nations, and (3) expand its influence in the Indian Ocean and beyond.
Added November 03, 2009
Type: Op-Ed
Army Football and Full Spectrum Operations. Authored by Dr. Stephen J. Gerras.
Each month a member of the SSI faculty writes an editorial for our monthly newsletter. This is the Op-Ed for the November 2009 newsletter.
Added October 28, 2009
Type: Monograph
Schools for Strategy: Teaching Strategy for 21st Century Conflict. Authored by Dr. Colin S. Gray.
Education in strategy is feasible and important. Few would-be strategists are beyond improvement by some formal education. However, for such education to be well-directed, it needs to rest upon sound assumptions concerning the eternal nature yet ever shifting character, meaning, and function of strategy, and the range of behaviors required for effective strategic performance.
Added September 16, 2009
Type: Student (Carlisle) Papers
Baghdad ER--Revisited. Authored by Colonel Erin P Edgar.
The China Dragons of the 28th Combat Support Hospital deployed in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM from September 2006 until November 2007. Their service epitomizes the strides that have been made in military combat medicine.
Added September 16, 2009
Type: Monograph
Alien: How Operational Art Devoured Strategy. Authored by Brigadier Justin Kelly, Dr. Michael James Brennan.
This authors argue that the idea of an operational level of war charged with the planning and conduct of campaigns misconceives the relationship between wars, campaigns, and operations, and is both historically mistaken and wrong in theory. They conclude that its incorporation into U.S. doctrine has had the regrettable impact of separating the conduct of campaigns from the conduct of wars and consequently marginalized the role of politics in the direction of war. In essence, they argue that the idea of the campaign has come to overwhelm that of strategy.
Added August 11, 2009
Type: PKSOI Papers
Toward a Risk Management Defense Strategy. Authored by Mr. Nathan P. Freier.
The author outlines eight principles for a risk management defense strategy. He argues that these principles provide “measures of merit” for evaluating the new administration’s defense choices.
Added August 06, 2009
Type: Student (Carlisle) Papers
Taking Up the Security Challenge of Climate Change. Authored by Mr. Rymn J. Parsons.
The security implications of climate change, including man-made global warming, will be most pronounced in places where the effects of climate change are greatest. Two things are vitally important: stemming the tide of climate change and adapting to its far-reaching consequences.
Added June 25, 2009
Type: Other
2009 Key Strategic Issues List. Edited by Dr. Antulio J. Echevarria, II.
The purpose of the Key Strategic Issues List is to provide military and civilian researchers a ready reference for issues of special interest to the Department of the Army and the Department of Defense.
Added June 18, 2009
Type: Colloquium Brief
Strategic Implications of Emerging Technologies. Authored by Dr. Antulio J. Echevarria, II.
This year’s USAWC’s Strategic Studies Institute 20th Annual Strategy Conference was held on April 14-16, 2009, at Carlisle Barracks. It focused on “Strategic Implications of Emerging Technologies,” and was intended to look beyond the noted importance of advances in the field of cyber and information technologies to raise awareness of other technology areas which thus far have received less visibility. The conference explored biogenetics, biometrics, nanotechnologies, robotics, artificial intelligence, alternative energies, electromagnetic weaponry, nuclear power, and global warming.
Added May 22, 2009
Type: Monograph
State and Nonstate Associated Gangs: Credible "Midwives of New Social Orders". Authored by Dr. Max G. Manwaring.
The author addresses the subject of the multifaceted nature and predominant role of gangs operating as state and nonstate proxies in the modern unbalanced global security environment. In every phase of the process of compelling radical political change, agitator-gangs and popular militias play significant roles in helping their political patrons prepare to take control of a targeted political-social entity. As a result, gangs (bandas criminales or whatever they may be called) are important components of a highly complex political-psychological-military act—contemporary irregular asymmetrical political war.