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Military Change & Transformation Studies

Added December 01, 2005
Type: Letort Papers
Victories are Not Enough. Authored by Dr. Samuel J. Newland.
The author concludes that the most important lesson to be gleaned from studying the German Way of War is often ignored. That is, tactical victories on the battlefield, without logical goals and an achievable Military Strategy, will not produce positive results for a nation.
Added November 01, 2005
Type: Monograph
Fourth-Generation War and Other Myths. Authored by Dr. Antulio J. Echevarria, II.
Dr Antulio J. Echevarria II critiques the theory of fourth-generation warfare, examining its problematic assumptions and logical flaws. He argues that this theory is hopelessly flawed and that its proponents undermine their credibility by subscribing to it.
Added August 01, 2005
Type: Student (Carlisle) Papers
Reshaping the Expeditionary Army to Win Decisively: The Case for Greater Stabilization capacity in the Modular Force. Authored by Colonel Bryan G Watson.
The author makes the case that U.S. strategy demands the U.S. Armed Forces build a force with greater capacity for conducting stabilization operations concurrent with combat operation. He traces the strategic roots of the stabilization requirement, develops a warfighting concept for "progressive stabilization," and makes judgments on whether the Army's current Modular Force effort will generate the right type of force. He concludes by making some recommendations on where the Army should adjust its current modernization effort to make the force more relevant.
Added June 01, 2005
Type: Monograph
Pseudo Operations and Counterinsurgency: Lessons from Other Countries. Authored by Dr. Lawrence E. Cline.
The author argues that pseudo operations in which specially trained government troops--preferably supported by guerrilla defectors--infiltrate guerrilla groups have been very effective in previous operations. If used with care, such operations can be useful in future counterinsurgency campaigns.
Added April 01, 2005
Type: Monograph
Transformation and Strategic Surprise. Authored by Dr. Colin S. Gray.
The U.S. Armed forces may be attempting to effect the wrong transformation. What the country needs is military power that is not only superior at warfare, but also can win wars and the peace that follows--and those are strategic and political competencies.
Added January 01, 2005
Type: Monograph
Insurgency in Iraq: An Historical Perspective. Authored by Dr. Ian F.W. Beckett.
This monograph considers the patterns of past insurgencies by way of establishing how much the conflict in Iraq conforms to previous experience. In particular, the author compares and contrasts Iraq with previous Middle Eastern insurgencies and suggests that there is much that can be learned from British, French, and Israeli experience.
Added January 01, 2005
Type: Student (Carlisle) Papers
Logistics Transformation--Restarting a Stalled Process. Authored by LTC Victor Maccagnan, Jr..
Logistics transformation has simply not happened to the degree necessitated by today's strategic, operational, and tactical environment. This paper will address the question of why logistics transformation is needed, why it has not yet been realized, what must be changed to achieve a successful transformation, who must change it, and how to reenergize logistics transformation to get results and benefits now.