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Egypt Studies

Added February 10, 2015
Type: Monograph
Assessing Egyptian Public Support for Security Crackdowns in the Sinai. Authored by Mr. Gregory Aftandilian.
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This monograph explores the terrorist groups emanating from the Sinai Peninsula and assesses the level of Egyptian public support for the government's security crackdown on them. It offers recommendations for U.S. policymakers to help Egypt deal with this terrorist threat, not only militarily but in the social and economic spheres.
Added April 11, 2013
Type: Monograph
Egypt's New Regime and the Future of the U.S.-Egyptian Strategic Relationship. Authored by Mr. Gregory Aftandilian.
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This monograph, completed in August 2012, analyzes the developments in Egypt from January 2011 to August 2012 and addresses the following questions that are pertinent to U.S. policymakers: How does the United States maintain good relations and preserve its strategic partnership with Egypt under Cairo’s new political leadership and the changing political environment in the country? How does it do so while adhering to American values such as supporting democracy even when those coming to power do not share U.S. strategic goals?
Added September 30, 2011
Type: Monograph
Presidential Succession Scenarios in Egypt and Their Impact on U.S.-Egyptian Strategic Relations. Authored by Mr. Gregory Aftandilian.
This monograph explores the critical question of who might succeed President Hosni Mubarak by examining various succession scenarios in Egypt. Given the extensive political, security, and economic ties between the United States and Egypt, the monograph also examines the policy implications of each of these scenarios and makes recommendations for U.S. policymakers.
Added September 16, 2009
Type: Monograph
Escalation and Intrawar Deterrence During Limited Wars in the Middle East. Authored by Dr. W. Andrew Terrill.
This monograph seeks to analyze military escalation and intrawar deterrence by examining two key wars where these concepts became especially relevant—the 1973 Arab-Israeli War and the 1991 Gulf War against Iraq. A central conclusion of this monograph is that intrawar deterrence is an inherently fragile concept, and that the nonuse of weapons of mass destruction in both wars was the result of a number of positive factors that may not be repeated in future conflicts.
Added October 01, 2007
Type: Monograph
Egypt: Security, Political, and Islamist Challenges. Authored by Dr. Sherifa D. Zuhur.
Contemporary Egypt evidences severe failures of governance and political and economic development. Along with the continued strength of moderate Islamists and violent outbursts of radical Islamists, the pressing need for democratization has been set back by the "emergency" procedures used by the government to control security.
Added April 01, 1994
Type: Book
Shari'a Law, Cult Violence and System Change in Egypt: The Dilemma Facing President Mubarak. Authored by Dr. Stephen C. Pelletiere.
Egypt is one of the more economically deprived countries in the world. Societal stress is a major challenge. Few believe that Egypt will escape the poverty that has for so long oppressed it. This study looks at the unrest, identifies the forces behind it, and prescribes steps that can be taken to alleviate the situation.