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Landpower Employment & Sustainment Studies

Added September 22, 2011
Type: Monograph
Puncturing the Counterinsurgency Myth: Britain and Irregular Warfare in the Past, Present, and Future. Authored by Dr. Andrew Mumford.
Far from being the counterinsurgency exemplars that history has benevolently cast them, this monograph posits 10 myths of British counterinsurgency that debunk key elements of British performance in irregular warfare from Malaya to Iraq.
Added July 15, 2011
Type: Student (Carlisle) Papers
The Changing Face of Afghanistan, 2001-08. Authored by Colonel Deborah Hanagan.
This paper reviews the broad dimensions of the George W. Bush administration policy and strategy regarding Afghanistan and the fact that it was multilateral, encompassing extensive political, economic, and military efforts, and multinational during the entire period of the administration. It provides broad documentation of the concrete progress made in the country between 2001 and 2008 and addresses the ongoing challenges.
Added June 08, 2011
Type: PKSOI Papers
Defining Command, Leadership, and Management Success Factors within Stability Operations. Authored by Major Dave Fielder.
Stabilization operations have been present across the globe for centuries in many forms. But how have the command, leadership, and management of these operations manifested themselves, and what are the success attributes within this field of study?
Added May 19, 2011
Type: Monograph
Rebuilding Armed Forces: Learning from Iraq and Lebanon. Authored by Dr. Florence Gaub.
Learning from the armed forces of Iraq and Lebanon might not seem the first instinct when it comes to improving post-conflict reconstruction efforts. Yet, the two cases offer useful insight into these processes, what to avoid and what to emphasize.
Added May 06, 2011
Type: Letort Papers
The Military's Role in Counterterrorism: Examples and Implications for Liberal Democracies. Authored by Dr. Geraint Hughes.
The Military’s Role in Counterterrorism examines the roles which armed forces have been required to perform by democratic governments involved in combating terrorism, and the problems which can occur as a consequence. It also describes the conditions necessary for successful military engagements against terrorist groups.
Added April 25, 2011
Type: Letort Papers
Improvised Explosive Devices in Iraq, 2003-09: A Case of Operational Surprise and Institutional Response. Authored by Brigadier Andrew Smith.
Institutional defense establishments guide the development of national military capabilities. Recent experience suggests that the orthodox approaches that they have evolved to perform this function in nominal peacetime are insufficiently responsive for contemporary threats and challenges.
Added March 25, 2011
Type: Colloquium Brief
Security and Governance: Foundations for International Stability. Authored by Mr. Dru Lauzon, Mr. Andrew Vine.
This conference was designed to outline strategies for coping with the threat posed to international stability by fragile, failing, or failed states. Presentations outlined various strategies for identifying and ameliorating the security challenges that result from state failure in contemporary international environments.
Added March 21, 2011
Type: Student (Carlisle) Papers
An Evaluation of Counterinsurgency as a Strategy for Fighting the Long War. Authored by LTC Baucum Fulk.
Counterterrorism, support to insurgency, and antiterrorism are each both efficient and sustainable from a military and economic perspective, and each have inherent political concerns, hazards, or constraints. The author maintains that an overall strategy combining counterterrorism and antiterrorism is the best means of employing military forces to counter violent extremism.
Added March 01, 2011
Type: Monograph
Civilian Skills for African Military Officers to Resolve the Infrastructure, Economic Development, and Stability Crisis in Sub-Saharan Africa. Authored by Ms. Diane E. Chido.
Military retirees in many African countries face uncertain futures. The author suggests that USAFRICOM should include robust engineering programs as a part of its training approach for the region, thereby providing valuable opportunities for retiring service members, improving civil-military relationships, and enhancing economic development and stability.
Added January 31, 2011
Type: Monograph
2010 SSI Annual Strategy Conference Report "Defining War for the 21st Century". Authored by Dr. Steven Metz, COL Phillip R. Cuccia.
SSI's XXI Strategic Conference convened many of the world's top experts to assess and debate the definition of war and the strategic implications of how it is defined.