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Landpower Employment & Sustainment Studies

Added October 29, 2007
Type: Student (Carlisle) Papers
"Making Riflemen from Mud: Restoring the Army's Culture of Irregular Warfare. Authored by Lieutenant Colonel James D. Campbell.
The culture of irregular warfare was attributable to nearly 300 years of American military tradition from the colonial period until 1941, including extensive experience in cooperating with Native American tribes and individual scouts during the expansion of the western frontier. Since World War II, the wider military has lost this expertise. Given the variety of political environments in which today’s conventional soldiers may find themselves and the current nature of conflicts ongoing and likely to occur in the world, the Army culture as a whole can and must readapt itself to the new old realities of irregular war.
Added October 15, 2007
Type: Student (Carlisle) Papers
Strategy, National Interests, and Means to an End. Authored by Lieutenant Colonel Stephen D. Sklenka.
This paper focuses on the interrelationship among national interests, stated ends, means to achieve those ends, and the strategies required to tie all of them together into a cohesive and effective vision for the commitment of U.S. forces.
Added October 12, 2007
Type: Student (Carlisle) Papers
Turning on the DIME: Diplomacy's Role in National Security. Authored by Mr. Anton K. Smith.
Understanding between the Departments of State and Defense is critical to ensuring national security. Nonetheless, these two key internationally-oriented agencies take different paths to arrive at the same goals--paths that must ultimately cross in order to heal the wounds of conflict.
Added September 17, 2007
Type: Monograph
The Reserve Policies of Nations: A Comparative Analysis. Authored by Dr. Richard Weitz.
The military reserve policies of the world’s major powers are undergoing sweeping transformations. Since the United States will continue to engage with these countries—in cooperation, conflict, or both—the U.S. defense community needs to keep abreast of new developments in their reserve policies and, in certain cases, adjust its own policies in response.
Added September 10, 2007
Type: Op-Ed
Grunts and Jarheads: Rethinking the Army-Marine Division of Labor. Authored by Dr. Steven Metz.
Each month a member of the SSI faculty writes an editorial for our monthly newsletter. This is the Op-Ed for the September 2007 newsletter.
Added August 21, 2007
Type: Monograph
Negotiation in the New Strategic Environment: Lessons from Iraq. Authored by Mr. David M Tressler.
With thousands of negotiations being conducted by U.S. soldiers in Iraq—from junior to senior leaders—the aggregate effect of successful or failed negotiations has an impact on the ability of the U.S. military to accomplish its mission there as well as meet American strategic goals. The author argues that the military’s strategic success in the future may increasingly depend on an expanded range of training that includes negotiation skills and practice. By analyzing the negotiating experience of U.S. Army and Marine Corps officers in Iraq, he offers recommendations to improve negotiating effectiveness and predeployment negotiation training.
Added July 24, 2007
Type: Monograph
The Implications of Preemptive and Preventive War Doctrines: A Reconsideration. Authored by Dr. Colin S. Gray.
The Bush administration has declared a doctrine of preemption, when what it really means is a doctrine of prevention. Despite heavy criticism from home and especially abroad, there is a need for the United States to be willing and able, very occasionally, to take preventive action in order to forestall future dangers.
Added July 18, 2007
Type: Other
2007 Key Strategic Issues List (KSIL). Edited by Dr. Antulio J. Echevarria, II.
The Key Strategic Issues List gives researchers, whether military professionals or civilian scholars, a ready reference of those issues of particular interest to the Department of the Army and the Department of Defense. Its focus is strategic, rather than operational or tactical. Every year, the KSIL helps guide research efforts to the mutual benefit of the defense community and individual researchers.
Added March 08, 2007
Type: Op-Ed
The Missing Debate. Authored by Professor John R. Martin, Dr. Gordon Rudd.
Each month a member of the SSI faculty writes an editorial for our monthly newsletter. This is the Op-Ed for the March 2007 newsletter.
Added February 05, 2007
Type: Book
A Nation at War. Authored by Professor John R. Martin.
One of the basics of strategy is understanding the foe and the type of war in which a nation is involved. The Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) does not fit easily into the mold of war, but that is because of too much comparison with conventional wars; the Cold War may provide a better model. This report chronicles the panels and resulting papers from the Seventeenth Annual U.S. Army War College Strategy Conference, held at Carlisle Barracks, PA, in April 2006.