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Landpower Employment & Sustainment Studies

Added November 01, 1999
Type: Book
The Fog of Peace: Finding the End-State of Hostilities. Authored by Mr. Manfred K. Rotermund.
Peace arrives only when domestically centered progress is established in a post-conflict environment. As a result, the end of hostilities represents the beginning of a transition to peace--not peace itself.
Added September 01, 1999
Type: Book
Security and Civil-Military Relations in the New World Disorder: The Use of Armed Forces in the Americas. Edited by Dr. Max G. Manwaring.
The book is organized as an anthology of the best of a series of excellent symposium presentations, revised in light of the discussions that took place there, and complemented by an explanation of the strategic interests of the United States in Latin America and an overview.
Added March 01, 1999
Type: Monograph
Landpower and Ambiguous Warfare: The Challenge of Colombia in the 21st Century. Authored by Dr. Richard Downes.
The meeting highlighted the urgency of the Colombian crisis and the need for a comprehensive response by Colombia, the United States, and the regional community of nations. Much of the dialogue developed the principal subthemes of the conference: the sources of violence; the role of the guerrillas, paramilitaries, and narcotraffickers; the institutional capabilities and responses of the Colombian government and armed forces; and the role of the United States.
Added January 01, 1999
Type: Book
Warriors in Peace Operations. Edited by Dr. Douglas V. Johnson, II.
This collection of monographs has been assembled from the 42 Personal Experience Monographs written by the U.S. Army War College (USAWC) Class of 1998. The Personal Experience Monograph program was instituted immediately after the Gulf War with the original purpose of capturing first-person histories of various aspects of that war.