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Landpower Employment & Sustainment Studies

Added December 01, 1994
Type: Book
Total Force: Federal Reserves and State National Guards. Authored by COL Charles E. Heller.
Never before in peacetime has the United States placed so much emphasis and reliance on the Armed Forces' Reserve Components. Yet, even with the renewed emphasis on the Reserve Components' roles, their legal basis mission, mobilization training, force structure, and relationship to their respective Active Component remain relatively little understood.
Added March 01, 1994
Type: Book
Ethnic Conflict: Implications for the Army of the Future. Authored by Major General William A. Stofft, Dr. Gary L. Guertner.
Ethnic conflict is an ascendant phenomenon replacing ideology as a social force most likely to promote violence and regional instability. The ferocity of ethnic violence and its potential for escalation increase the political pressures for U.S. leadership and collective engagement. The U.S. Army has a direct interest in ethnic-based conflicts because land power is the dominant means for intervention through coalition peacekeeping and peace-enforcement operations.
Added February 01, 1994
Type: Monograph
Meeting the Challenges of Regional Security. Authored by Honorable Leonard Sullivan.
The Honorable Leonard Sullivan, a former Assistant Secretary of Defense, maintains that the disorder in the post-cold war world must be addressed in radically new and innovative ways. Old alliances, structured for containment, will not be adequate in a world where the challenges may be more appropriately addressed by police forces than by traditionally structured military forces.