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Landpower Employment & Sustainment Studies

Added November 01, 2016
Type: Monograph
U.S.-China Competition: Asia-Pacific Land Force Implications A U.S. Army War College Integrated Research Project in Support of U.S. Army Pacific Command and Headquarters, Department of the Army, Directorate of Strategy and Policy (HQDA G-35). Edited by Prof. William G. Braun, III, Dr. David Lai.
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This report examines U.S.-China gray zone competition in the Asia-Pacific and the development of land force relevant recommendations to improve the U.S.’s competitive edge.
Added July 18, 2016
Type: Other
The Army War College Review Vol. 2 No. 2. Edited by Dr. Larry D Miller.
The Army War College Review, a refereed publication of student work, is produced under the purview of the Strategic Studies Institute and the United States Army War College. An electronic quarterly, The AWC Review connects student intellectual work with professionals invested in U.S. national security, Landpower, strategic leadership, global security studies, and the advancement of the profession of arms.
Added May 23, 2016
Type: Monograph
Strategic Landpower and a Resurgent Russia: An Operational Approach to Deterrence, A U.S. Army War College Integrated Research Project in Support of U.S. European Command and U.S. Army Europe. Authored by Lieutenant Colonel R. Reed Anderson, Colonel Patrick J. Ellis, Lieutenant Colonel Antonio M. Paz, Lieutenant Colonel Kyle A. Reed, Lieutenant Colonel Lendy Renegar, Lieutenant Colonel John T. Vaughan.
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Is the U.S. Army prepared to address the challenge that Russia poses to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) alliance in Europe? This monograph critically examines the American military response to Russia's invasion and dismemberment of Ukraine, and it offers an array of practical solutions designed to reinforce efforts to date.
Added January 24, 2016
Type: Monograph
Military Engagement and Forward Presence: Down but Not Out as Tools to Shape and Win. Authored by Dr. John R. Deni.
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Forward military presence and, when employed selectively, military engagement – can promote stability and security and can contribute dramatically to operational capacity and capability across a range of military operations, including major interstate war. Unfortunately, significant cuts to overseas permanent presence and continuing pockets of institutional bias against engagement as a force multiplier and readiness enhancer have combined to limit the leverage possible through these two policy tools.