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Homeland Security and Defense Studies

Added December 02, 2016
Type: Letort Papers
Deterring Cybertrespass and Securing Cyberspace: Lessons from United States Border Control Strategies. Authored by Dr. Mary Manjikian.
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Military thinkers commonly draw upon nuclear strategy when thinking about deterrence, however, sociologists, criminologists, and psychologists also consider how to deter individuals and groups from engaging in dangerous or deviant behaviors. In considering the problems of hacking and cybertrespass, we can thus draw upon strategies that criminologists and immigration experts use to deter undocumented immigrants from attempting to cross physical borders. Many lessons on deterring physical trespass can be adapted to deterring cybertrespass as well.
Added November 22, 2016
Type: Book
Should We Let the Bomb Spread? Edited by Mr. Henry D. Sokolski.
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With nuclear proliferation in South Asia, the Middle East, and East Asia intensifying, the spread of nuclear arms increasingly is viewed as being more of a fact than a problem to be solved. However, is proliferation truly inevitable? More important, will it bring disastrous wars, a new era of mutually deterred peace, or is it ultimately inconsequential? This volume taps the nation’s leading nuclear deterrence and proliferation experts for the answers. The result is a rich debate that goes well beyond current scholarship to challenge the very basis of prevailing nonproliferation and security policies.
Added August 16, 2016
Type: Monograph
Investigating the Benefits and Drawbacks of Realigning the National Guard Under the Department of Homeland Security. Authored by Dr. Ryan Burke, Dr. Sue McNeil.
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Part I of the 2014-2015 Army War College’s Key Strategic Issues List (KSIL)–Army Priorities for Strategic Analysis—asks: “Given the growing importance of homeland defense, what would be the benefits and drawbacks of realigning the [National] Guard under the department of Homeland Security to enhance domestic security and disaster response, while retaining utility for overseas missions in support of the Department of Defense?” (pg. 10). This monograph attempts to answer this question through analysis of interview data from subject matter experts in the National Guard and Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The resulting product is a series of recommendations for improving the utility of the National Guard during homeland defense (HD) missions.
Added June 22, 2016
Type: Letort Papers
India's Evolving Nuclear Force and Implications for U.S. Strategy in the Asia-Pacific. Authored by Mr. Yogesh Joshi, Dr. Frank O'Donnell, Dr. Harsh V. Pant.
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This Letort Paper investigates the present status and contours of Indian nuclear force development, nuclear doctrinal views, and nonproliferation policy, before illustrating the effects of these emerging developments for Asian security and U.S. regional interests.