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Europe and Russia Studies

Added December 12, 2006
Type: Monograph
Russian Defense Reform: Current Trends. Authored by Dr. Irina Isakova.
Since the fall of the Soviet Union, the topic of Russian defense policy has not received great attention. The rebuilding of Russian military strength is a high priority of President Vladimir Putin, and one to which he and his subordinates have devoted considerable time and resources. Therefore, inattention to Russian defense policy is unwise and even dangerous because it causes us to overlook potentially major changes not only in Russian policy, but in international affairs more generally.
Added December 06, 2006
Type: Monograph
Russia, Iran, and the Nuclear Question: The Putin Record. Authored by Dr. Robert O. Freedman.
This monograph demonstrates that Moscow, especially in the Putin era, has not been helpful with U.S. efforts to curb Iran's nuclear program. It also illustrates the dangers Moscow faces in pursuing such a pro-Iranian policy.
Added November 14, 2006
Type: Monograph
The NATO-Russia Partnership: A Marriage of Convenience or a Troubled Relationship? Authored by Dr. Stephen J. Blank.
Since 2002 Russia has embarked upon a relationship of partnership with NATO, but close examination of this partnership shows an enormous amount of Rusisan ambivalence and, indeed, growing resistance to many of NATO’s activities and programs. This growing ambivalence, and even estrangement, reflects both domestic Rusisan trends and the deterioration of East-West security ties.
Added November 08, 2006
Type: Monograph
Ukraine After the Orange Revolution: Can It Complete Military Transformation and Join the U.S.-Led War on Terrorism? Authored by Dr. Deborah Sanders.
Ukraine’s ability to contribute to the U.S.-led war on terror through the provision of niche capabilities such as peacekeeping troops is contingent on successful military transformation, democratic consolidation, and good relations with neighbors. However, a more democratic Ukraine with democratically controlled armed forces might be less willing and able to deploy peacekeeping troops into a complex theatre of operation.
Added August 28, 2006
Type: Colloquium Report
The Future of Transatlantic Security Relations. Edited by Dr. Joseph R. Cerami, Lieutenant General (USA, Ret) Richard A. Chilcoat, Mr. Patrick B Baetjer.
What changes, if any, are there in U.S. and European defense and foreign policy in the aftermath of the War in Iraq, particularly in light of a new consensus for coordinating U.S. and European military strategy, planning and operational activities. This conference report examines key dimensions of this relationship, which has major implications for global as well as regional security.
Added July 17, 2006
Type: Monograph
2006 Key Strategic Issues List (KSIL). Edited by Dr. Antulio J. Echevarria, II.
In today’s dynamic strategic environment, political changes can become challenges very quickly. Any list of key strategic issues must, therefore, include the broadest array of regional and functional concerns. This is a catalogue of significant issues, arranged as potential research topics, of concern to U.S. policymakers. As such, the KSIL is a ready source of topics that members of the defense community and academia can use to focus their research efforts.
Added May 08, 2006
Type: Op-Ed
Is Eurasia's Security Order at Risk? Authored by Dr. Stephen J. Blank.
Each month a member of the SSI faculty writes an editorial for our monthly newsletter. This is the Op-Ed for the May 2006 newsletter.
Added March 28, 2006
Type: Monograph
Iron Troikas: The New Threat from the East. Authored by Dr. Richard J. Krickus.
The author explains how the Russian leadership has exploited its energy assets to advance its security interests in the vital East Baltic Sea Region, particularly Poland and the Baltic countries.
Added March 01, 2006
Type: Monograph
Multilateral Constraints on the Use of Force: A Reassessment. Authored by Dr. Seyom Brown.
Although much of the controversy over the extent to which U.S. security policy ought to be constrained by multilateralism revolves around the role of the UN, the focus of this monograph is on the future of NATO.
Added March 01, 2006
Type: Monograph
Training Indigenous Forces in Counterinsurgency: A Tale of Two Insurgencies. Authored by Dr. James S. Corum.
The Malaya and Cyprus insurgencies provide a dramatic contrast to the issue of training local security forces. In Malaya, the British developed a very successful strategy for training the Malayan Police and army. In Cyprus, the British strategy for building and training local security forces generally was ineffective.
Added January 01, 2006
Type: Book
U.S.-UK Relations at the Start of the 21st Century. Edited by Dr. Jeffrey D. McCausland, Dr. Douglas Stuart.
This monograph explains the relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom (UK), especially its remarkable endurance over the past 6 decades.