2006 Strategy Conference - "A Nation at War"

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Commandant's Lecture Series Keynote

Keynote - Dr. William Perry

Panel I - The Homeland Security Context: National Access vs National Security

Intro - Dr. Douglas Johnson
Chair - Mr. Ted Gong
Panelists - Mr. Demetrios G. Papademetriou; Mr. Mark Krikorian; Ms. Susan Sim; Ms. Elaine Dezenski

Question and Answer

Panel II - The International Context: Coalition Building & Maintenance

Chair - COL John Agoglia
Panelists - LTG (ret) Christian Delanghe, France; COL Pete Mansoor; LTC Francisco Flores Hernandez, El Salvador; Mr. Sebestyen Gorka, Hungary

Question and Answer

Panel III - The Domestic Context: The Reserve Component at War

Chair - COL (ret) James Carafano
Panelists - MG William Nesbitt; MG Donna L. Dacier; BG (ret) Michael Squier; BG David Burford; MG Robert Ostenberg

Question and Answer

Panel IV - International Law and National Security Context: Competing Legal Issues

Chair - COL Dave Gordon
Panelists - Dr. Michael F. Noone; Prof. Jane G. Dalton; Prof. Charles Garraway

Question and Answer

Panel V - The Economic Context: Globalization of Commerce & National Security

Chair - Dr. Michael J. Fratantuono
Panelists - Dr. Edward M. Graham; Dr. Leif Rosenberger; Dr. John D. Lange

Question and Answer

Wrap-Up Panel

Wrap-Up Panel is one complete video - View Panel

Chair - Professor Douglas C. Lovelace
Panelists -Dr. Michael J. Fratantuono; COL. John Agoglia; Dr. James Carafano; COL Dave Gordon

Post Conference Elective Symposium on Islamic Attitudes toward International Law and International Agreements

Chair - Dr. Martin L. Cook
Panelists - Dr. Sohail Hashmi; Dr. James Turner Johnson; Dr. John Kelsay

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Each year, approximately two hundred participants engage in collegial debate concerning some of the most pressing and perplexing national security issues of the day. Panels are comprised of three to five distinguished experts who frame the discussion and facilitate a spirited Q&A session. The event is open to the public and all are invited to attend.
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