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Asia Pacific Studies

Added December 19, 2011
Type: Book
The United States and China in Power Transition. Authored by Dr. David Lai.
Historically, systematic power transitions were settled in war. Can China and the United States avoid a deadly contest and spare the world another catastrophe? What can we expect from China and the United States with respect to the future of international relations?
Added November 17, 2011
Type: Book
Chinese Lessons from Other Peoples' Wars. Edited by Dr. Andrew Scobell, Dr. David Lai, Mr. Roy Kamphausen.
The 2010 People's Liberation Army (PLA) conference focused on the lessons learned by the PLA from the military actions and experiences of non-Chinese armed forces over the past 30 years, which the PLA can apply to its own strategic planning.
Added August 25, 2011
Type: Monograph
China-Latin America Military Engagement: Good Will, Good Business, and Strategic Position. Authored by Dr. R. Evan Ellis.
This monograph examines Chinese military engagement with Latin America, finding that the level of such activity is higher than is generally recognized, and has expanded in important ways, with high-level trips by Latin American defense and security personnel, officer exchange programs, growing arms sales, military-relevant space, aviation, and telecommunications collaboration, and a small but important physical presence in the region.
Added July 18, 2011
Type: Letort Papers
Understanding the North Korea Problem: Why It Has Become the "Land of Lousy Options". Authored by COL William A Boik.
The U.S. has made little effort to meaningfully engage North Korea over the last decade. What can be done to increase the U.S. understanding of the situation in North Korea and our ability to influence the actions of the North Korean leadership?
Added April 08, 2011
Type: Colloquium Brief
Other People's Wars: PLA Lessons from Foreign Conflicts. Authored by Mr. Daniel Alderman, Mr. Joe Narus.
The 2010 annual People's Liberation Army (PLA) Conference discussed ways to better understand how the PLA may seek to utilize its newly acquired capabilities by asking the question, “What lessons does the PLA appear to have drawn from the conflicts of others, and what might the focus and content of those lessons reveal about modern PLA tactics, doctrines, and intentions?”
Added March 09, 2011
Type: Monograph
India in Africa: Implications of an Emerging Power for AFRICOM and U.S. Strategy. Authored by Dr. J. Peter Pham.
Little attention has been given to the fact that India is fast becoming one of Africa’s most important partners, not just in the economic realm but also in the political and security sectors. The author argues that, in the context of the broader U.S.-India strategic partnership as well as America’s specific interests in Africa, the United States should welcome India’s contributions to and engage with India on the African continent.
Added February 18, 2011
Type: PKSOI Papers
A Continuation of Politics by Other Means: The "Politics" of a Peacekeeping Mission in Cambodia (1992-1993). Authored by Mr. Boraden Nhem.
The author addresses the UN Cambodian peacekeeping mission of 1992-93 with a fresh look at peacekeeping theory and doctrine. He provides a unique personal perspective to this rigorous academic study having lived in Cambodia as a child through some of the worst years of fighting and subsequent implementation of peace operations.