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Asia Pacific Studies

Added November 23, 2007
Type: Monograph
East Asian Security: Two Views. Authored by Dr. Gilbert Rozman, Dr. Chu Shulong.
The February 13, 2007 Joint Agreement accelerates multilateralism to which all states of Northeast Asia must adjust. The United States needs a regional strategy to prepare for the high stakes in the end game of the nuclear crisis.
Added November 13, 2007
Type: Colloquium Brief
The “People” in the PLA: Recruitment, Training, and Education in China's 80-Year-Old Military. Authored by Mr. Justin B Liang, Dr. Sarah K Snyder.
On September 28, 2007, more than 60 leading experts on China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) convened at Carlisle Barracks, PA. The 2007 PLA Conference, conducted by The National Bureau of Asian Research and the Strategic Studies Institute of the U.S. Army War College, sought to investigate the 80-year-old military’s human infrastructure, identifying trends in PLA recruitment, education and training, demographics, and historical perspectives.
Added November 01, 2007
Type: Monograph
The United States and ASEAN-China Relations: All Quiet on the Southeast Asian Front. Authored by Dr. Ian Storey.
The development of relations between ASEAN and China poses few security challenges to the United States and even enhances regional stability, something that is clearly in America’s interests. However, while ASEAN-China relations are relatively benign today, several sources of potential friction in the region could lead to problems in Sino-U.S. relations.
Added September 19, 2007
Type: Monograph
ASEAN and Its Security Offspring: Facing New Challenges. Authored by Dr. Sheldon W. Simon.
The author argues that ASEAN and its offspring organizations such as the ASEAN Regional Forum work best when dealing with external powers and are less effective in resolving disputes within Southeast Asia.
Added September 13, 2007
Type: Monograph
China's Expansion into and U.S. Withdrawal from Argentina's Telecommunications and Space Industries and the Implications for U.S. National Security. Authored by Ms Janie Hulse.
China is increasing its presence in strategic industries in Latin America as U.S. engagement in the region wanes. Chinese involvement in Argentina’s telecommunications and space industries, in particular, creates security vulnerabilities for the United States and calls for enhanced U.S. commerce, aid, and diplomacy with Argentina and the region as a whole.
Added September 04, 2007
Type: Book
Right Sizing the People's Liberation Army: Exploring the Contours of China's Military. Edited by Dr. Andrew Scobell, Mr. Roy Kamphausen.
This volume addresses how the leadership of China and the PLA view what size of PLA best meets China’s requirements. Among other things, this analytical process makes important new contributions on the question of PLA transparency, long an issue among PLA watchers.
Added July 18, 2007
Type: Other
2007 Key Strategic Issues List (KSIL). Edited by Dr. Antulio J. Echevarria, II.
The Key Strategic Issues List gives researchers, whether military professionals or civilian scholars, a ready reference of those issues of particular interest to the Department of the Army and the Department of Defense. Its focus is strategic, rather than operational or tactical. Every year, the KSIL helps guide research efforts to the mutual benefit of the defense community and individual researchers.
Added May 11, 2007
Type: Monograph
China's Nuclear Forces: Operations, Training, Doctrine, Command, Control and Campaign Planning. Authored by Dr. Larry M. Wortzel.
This monograph documents new thinking in China on how and when to use nuclear weapons. China’s nuclear forces are mainly retaliatory in nature, but there is a debate about using preemptive force among China’s strategic thinkers.
Added April 30, 2007
Type: Monograph
North Korean Foreign Relations in the Post-Cold War World. Authored by Dr. Samuel S. Kim.
North Korea’s foreign relations are a blend of contradiction and complexity. They start from the incongruity between Pyongyang’s highly touted policy of juche, or self-reliance, and North Korea’s extended and heavy reliance on foreign aid and assistance over the 6 decades of its existence.
Added April 27, 2007
Type: Monograph
North Korea's Military Threat: Pyongyang's Conventional Forces, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and Ballistic Missiles. Authored by Dr. Andrew Scobell, Captain USN John M Sanford.
Although North Korea remains an economic basket case that cannot feed and clothe its own people, it nevertheless possesses one of the world’s largest armed forces. Whether measured in terms of the total number of personnel in uniform, numbers of special operations soldiers, the size of its submarine fleet, quantity of ballistic missiles in its arsenal, or its substantial Weapons of Mass Destruction programs, Pyongyang is a major military power. North Korea’s latest act to demonstrate its might was the nuclear test on October 9, 2006.
Added April 02, 2007
Type: Monograph
Chinese Perceptions of Traditional and Nontraditional Security Threats. Authored by Ms Susan L. Craig.
While “knowing your enemy” has long been a Chinese stratagem, cultural intelligence has only recently gained precedence in American military strategy. How does China perceive itself, the world and China’s place within it.
Added March 29, 2007
Type: Monograph
The Politics of Identity: History, Nationalism, and the Prospect for Peace in Post-Cold War East Asia. Authored by Dr. Sheila Miyoshi Jager.
The clash between the rise of increasingly divergent nationalisms in post-Cold War East Asia represent new challenges for U.S. policy there. How might the United States respond to the history disputes and rising nationalisms in the region to promote stability and peace?
Added March 05, 2007
Type: Book
Gauging U.S.-Indian Strategic Cooperation. Edited by Mr. Henry D. Sokolski.
The volume offers U.S. and Indian policy and law makers a detailed checklist of things to watch, avoid, and try to achieve in order to assure U.S.-Indian strategic cooperation succeeds.
Added March 01, 2007
Type: Colloquium Brief
Exploring the "Right Size" for China's Military: PLA Missions, Functions, and Organizations. Authored by Mr. Justin B Liang, Dr. Sarah K Snyder.
On October 6, 2006, more than 60 leading experts on China's People’s Liberation Army (PLA) convened at Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania, for a two-day discussion of the drivers of PLA force modernization.
Added February 27, 2007
Type: Book
The Other Special Relationship: The United States and Australia at the Start of the 21st Century. Edited by Dr. Jeffrey D. McCausland, Dr. Douglas Stuart, Prof. William T. Tow, Professor Michael Wesley.
American and Australian experts discussed issues relating to foreign policy, economics and business, domestic politics and public opinion, and security and defense affairs. This volume reveals their findings.
Added February 20, 2007
Type: Monograph
Understanding Indian Insurgencies: Implications for Counterinsurgency Operations in the Third World. Authored by Deputy Inspector General Durga Madhab (John) Mitra.
The term insurgency has been used broadly to include all violent struggles against the state by any group or section of the population of an area trying to establish its independent political control over that area and its population. India has been containing Islamic terrorism for years, with the second largest Muslim population in the world, about 12 percent of India’s total population.
Added January 25, 2007
Type: Monograph
Russian Nonproliferation Policy and the Korean Peninsula. Authored by Dr. Yong-Chool Ha, Dr. Beom-Shik Shin.
Efforts to resolve the threat posed to Northeast Asia's security by North Korea's nuclear proliferation through six-party negotiations are proceeding with great difficulty. As in any multilateral process, a major problem is understanding the goals and perspectives of each of the participants.