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Asia Pacific Studies

Added October 01, 1998
Type: Book
The Economic Crisis and ASEAN States' Security. Authored by Dr. Sheldon W. Simon.
Asia's financial crisis that began with the fall of Thailand's Baht in 1997 now embraces the entire world and has caused governments to fall in Asia and Russia. He also underscores the connection between healthy economies and governments on the one hand and between those features and a robust national and regional defense capability.
Added October 01, 1998
Type: Book
China's Military Potential. Authored by Dr. Larry M. Wortzel.
This monograph provides an appraisal of the ability of the People's Republic of China (PRC) to build a credible military force in the 21st century. Colonel Wortzel concludes that China could become a military power in every sense, but the greater likelihood is that the PRC will be overcome by internal problems. Nonetheless, the growth in China's military potential bears careful watching.
Added April 01, 1998
Type: Monograph
New Century, Old Thinking: The Dangers of the Perceptual Gap in U.S.-China Relations. Authored by Colonel Susan M. Puska.
The author provides an examination of the reciprocal relations between China and the United States over the past century and a half. If this past is prologue, then potential conflict looms darkly over future U.S.-China interactions. The first step toward precluding conflict, according to the author, is to understand the nature of the past relationship.
Added February 01, 1998
Type: Book
World View: The 1998 Strategic Assessment from the Strategic Studies Institute. Edited by Dr. Earl H. Tilford, Jr..
World View presents the annual strategic assessments of the analysts at the Strategic Studies Institute. It is fifth in a series that reflects both our individual forecasts and collective review of the key security issues facing the United States. The process that produces World View also leads to our annual Research and Outreach Plan.