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Asia Pacific Studies

Added November 01, 1997
Type: Book
"Enhancing" the Australian-U.S. Defense Relationship: A Guide to U.S. Policy. Authored by Dr. Thomas-Durell Young.
U.S. security relationships in the Pacific have enjoyed remarkable continuity since the end of the Cold War. Among the closest of U.S. allies, Australia shares a number of concerns about potential change in the western Pacific balance. It is thus natural that the two countries look to their own cooperative defense relationship for hedges against an uncertain future.
Added August 01, 1997
Type: Book
Traditional Military Thinking and the Defensive Strategy of China. Authored by Lieutenant General Li Jijun. Edited by Dr. Earl H. Tilford, Jr..
On July 15, 1997, the U.S. Army War College hosted a delegation from the Chinese Academy of Military Science. A speech was delivered to the U.S. Army War College Corresponding Studies Class of 1997 by the Chinese delegation's leader, Lieutenant General Li Jijun. General Li graciously agreed to the publication of his address.
Added March 01, 1997
Type: Book
The Dynamics of Russian Weapon Sales to China. Authored by Dr. Stephen J. Blank.
Russia has recently sold or transferred many military weapons or technologies to China. Russian state policy has also officially joined with China in a relationship described as a strategic cooperative partnership.
Added January 01, 1997
Type: Book
Tacit Acceptance and Watchful Eyes: Beijing's Views about the U.S.-ROK Alliance. Authored by Dr. Fei-Ling Wang.
Professor Wang Fei-ling examines the future of the U.S. ROK alliance from China's perspective. He suggests that China's current preoccupation with its domestic agenda and relatively conservative foreign policy seek to maintain the status quo in Northeast Asia. Dr. Wang's warning that a sharp shift in China's Korea policy is possible has significant implications for U.S. interests.
Added January 01, 1997
Type: Book
World View: The 1997 Strategic Assessment from the Strategic Studies Institute. Edited by Dr. Earl H. Tilford, Jr..
In December of each year the analysts at the Strategic Studies Institute (SSI) look to the year ahead to assess the strategic equation for their particular areas of interest. This is part of an effort to focus our priorities both corporately as well as individually.