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Asia Pacific Studies

Added November 01, 1994
Type: Book
Security Cooperation with China: Analysis and a Proposal. Authored by Dr. Thomas L. Wilborn.
Dr. Wilborn examines U.S.-China security cooperation before Tiananmen, the strategic context in which it took place, and the strategic environment of U.S.-China relations at the present time. He then concludes that the reasons which justified the program of security cooperation with China during the cold war are irrelevant today.
Added September 01, 1994
Type: Book
Russian Policy and the Korean Crisis. Authored by Dr. Stephen J. Blank.
North Korea's nuclear program is the greatest current threat to U.S. and Northeast Asian security. The outcome of negotiations over this program will have a tremendous impact on the future of the Korean peninsula and on the vital interests of the United States and neighboring states to North and South Korea: China, Japan, and Russia.
Added May 01, 1994
Type: Monograph
Japan's Self-Defense Forces: What Dangers to Northeast Asia? Authored by Dr. Thomas L. Wilborn.
Dr. Thomas Wilborn examines Japan's defense policy and the capabilities of its Self-Defense Forces (SDF) to determine if the fears of a remilitarized Japan have any basis in fact. He concludes that Japanese defense policy places rigid restraints on the SDF, and that currently there is no support for anything but a thoroughly defensive military posture.
Added April 01, 1994
Type: Book
World View: The 1994 Strategic Assessment from the Strategic Studies Institute. Edited by Dr. Steven Metz, Dr. Earl H. Tilford, Jr..
Every year the analysts at the Strategic Studies Institute prepare current strategic assessments for their particular areas of interest. These assessments are the bedrock of the annual SSI Study Program. This year's assessments seem especially crucial as the strategic situation throughout the world is far more complex and fraught with danger than many may realize.