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Asia Pacific Studies

Added October 29, 2015
Type: Monograph
Unlocking India’s Strategic Potential in Central Asia. Authored by Roman Muzalevsky.
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Select elements of India’s strategic culture and geopolitical constraints account for its limited presence in Central Asia compared to great and middle-ranked powers alike. While Delhi could rely on its own resources to advance its position in Central Asia, it is far better off partnering with Washington. Without such partnership, its positioning in Central Asia and the world will be slower, while its efforts to turn its regional aspirations into influence – severely constrained.
Added October 26, 2015
Type: Monograph
The Real Rebalancing: American Diplomacy and the Tragedy of President Obama’s Foreign Policy. Authored by Dr. John R. Deni.
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The Obama administration’s concerted efforts to rebalance American foreign policy away from defense and toward diplomacy and development unfortunately have failed. The continuing militarization of U.S. foreign policy means the Defense Department will remain the preferred means of both legislators and the executive branch for dealing with the greatest challenges facing American national security.
Added October 14, 2015
Type: Other
The Army War College Review Vol. 1 No. 3. Edited by Dr. Larry D Miller.
The Army War College Review, a refereed publication of student work, is produced under the purview of the Strategic Studies Institute and the United States Army War College. An electronic quarterly, The AWC Review connects student intellectual work with professionals invested in U.S. national security, Landpower, strategic leadership, global security studies, and the advancement of the profession of arms.
Added August 11, 2015
Type: Monograph
Duffer’s Shoal: A Strategic Dream of the Pacific Command Area of Responsibility. Authored by Colonel Russell N. Bailey, Colonel (NZ) Christopher J. Parsons, Colonel Elizabeth R. Smith, Lieutenant Colonel Derek J. O'Malley, Lieutenant Colonel Bob Dixon, Ms. Laura McAleer.
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This monograph is a powerful primer for strategic and operational thinking. The successful defense of Duffer’s Drift required the nuanced application of hard-earned knowledge; ignoring even one tactical lesson guaranteed certain defeat.
Added July 29, 2015
Type: Monograph
China’s Rise and Reconfiguration of Central Asia’s Geopolitics: A Case for U.S. "Pivot" to Eurasia. Authored by Roman Muzalevsky.
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China’s emergence as a global actor has questioned the position of the United States as the strongest power and the future of the Washington-led global order. To achieve the status of a truly global player wielding influence in all dimensions of power would require China to leverage its regional influence in Central Asia.
Added July 28, 2015
Type: Book
The Chinese People's Liberation Army in 2025. Edited by Mr. Roy Kamphausen, Dr. David Lai.
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The Chinese People’s Liberation Army of 2025 is the 2014 edition of an ongoing series on the People’s Liberation Army co-published by the Strategic Studies Institute, the National Bureau of Asian Research, and the United States Pacific Command. This volume builds on previous volumes and identifies potential trajectories for PLA force modernization and mission focus, and how these potential changes could impact external actors.
Added April 15, 2015
Type: Letort Papers
Parsing Chinese-Russian Military Exercises. Authored by Dr. Richard Weitz.
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During the past decade, China and Russia have deepened their defense cooperation to include a range of bilateral and multilateral military exercises. These have multiple purposes and the potential to evolve into a more significant security development in coming years.